Four Points to Consider When Looking at Certified Public Accountants in Palm Springs CA

by | Jul 21, 2017 | Accounting, Financial Services

One task that no one likes to do is taxes. Many choose to use automated websites like TurboTax to get the task done quickly and with little cost. What if an individual or business has more complicated questions though? If an individual or business needs help with their taxes, hiring a certified public accountant can be a better way to go. They charge more, but they can answer questions that a computer program like TurboTax can’t. There are many points to consider before hiring certified public accountants in Palm Springs CA.


Potential clients need to choose a CPA that meets their needs. If the CPA is experienced in individual tax returns for example, and the potential client needs one that has experience with business tax returns, that CPA is not right for them. Prospective clients can find out if a CPA is going to meet their needs by doing a little more research to find out what areas they’re experienced in.

Size of the firm

Potential clients need to decide what size firm they need. Individuals or solopreneurs may want to hire a single CPA. People who own larger businesses or corporations may want to hire a larger firm with an entire team of CPAs.

Is the CPA actually a CPA?

Potential clients need to make sure the CPA is actually a certified public accountant and not just a general accountant. Certified public accountants have to meet a certain minimum level of education and take tests to prove they’ve achieved a certain level of knowledge.

How much they charges

Different CPAs charge different hourly rates or fixed fees. Potential clients need to make sure they compare at least three CPAs or CPA firms’ fees before they make a choice. Individual CPAs usually charge much less than large firms.

These are the four main points anyone who needs a CPA should consider. Be sure to consider all of these things when looking at certified public accountants in Palm Springs, CA, so the business or solo practice finds the best CPA for their needs, whether it’s Miller & Mehr or another firm.

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