Five Important Steps in Selecting the Right Healthcare BPO Provider

by | Aug 15, 2022 | Healthcare

Medical billing and coding are often a daunting task because there is more than one stakeholder involved in the process. To streamline this important process, most medical companies and clinics outsource this task to healthcare BPO companies; however, not every medical coding company is able to maintain the highest standards of billing required by the medical community.

If you’re looking for a reliable medical coding company for your business, here are five important steps to help screen reputable service providers:

1. Experience: Perhaps, the most important aspect of doing business is to evaluate the experience of a medical BPO provider. While new startups can also do a good job, it’s necessary to work with a company that has been in the market for a generous amount of time.

2. Reputation: Just like any other industry, medical coding is also infiltrated by con artists who are eager to provide fake credentials to take your business. Therefore, it’s better to thoroughly evaluate the reputation before sharing important information of your patients with others.

3.ICD-10: Make sure that the company adheres to the ICD-10 code. It’s the latest International Classification of Disease code that is vital for error-less billing. Ask your medical BPO about the expertise of their team regarding ICD-10.

4. Specialty: While most BPO services can offer billing services for general practice, but it’s vital to ask how these companies manage compliance with specialties and sub-specialties. Remember, not every company can handle complex billing tasks.

5. Staff Size: If you wish to provide a lot of work to a healthcare BPO provider, make sure that they have enough staff to do the job. Do not ignore staff size as it can drastically inhibit your ability to expand in the future.

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