Finding The Right Tablecloth in Los Angeles for Your Wedding

Decorating for your wedding reception often involves just as many details as decorating for the ceremony. You need to figure out the colors that you’re going to use, the shape and size of the tables you’re going to need, and how you’re going to cover the tables. When you’re selecting wedding tablecloths, there are a few ideas to keep in mind so that you choose just the right color to match the other decorations that are used at your wedding.


When you choose the colors of your tablecloths, think about the feeling that you want your guests to experience while they are eating or while they are enjoying the special events at the reception. If the reception will be held in the evening, then you might want to consider relaxing colors while brighter colors could be used in the afternoon or so that guests can feel excited while they are sitting down.

Stay in the Season

Try to use colors that blend well with the season. This will also make it a bit easier to find flowers and other decorations to use at your reception and in the ceremony as you don’t have to scramble to try to find items that are often found in another season. You could use red, green, or gold in the winter or pink, blue, or purple in the spring and summer.

All in the Details

After you put the wedding tablecloths on the tables, you need to think about the dishes and accent pieces that you want to use. The color and material of the tablecloths should coincide with the candle holders and the centerpieces as well. The cloths that you use should be a shade or two lighter than the accent pieces that are on the table so that each detail is brought out.

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