Finding the Best Streak-Free Window Cleaner

by | May 4, 2016 | Home cleaning

Windows are remarkable inventions—they allow us to see the outside world while still staying warm and dry inside. The problem is that windows are not nearly as remarkable or useful when they are dirty or streaked. The solution is, of course, to clean them, but care must be taken when cleaning. Cleaning windows with an inferior cleaner can be almost as bad as not cleaning the windows at all. There are some basic factors to look for to help find the best streak-free window cleaner.

The Problem with Dirty or Streaked Windows
A dirty window can make a home or office look run-down and less inviting. Even worse, it can obstruct the view through the window, making it hard to see who is approaching. Windows that are streaked from the residue of an inferior cleaner create a similar problem, either obstructing or distorting the view through the window. Of course on a windshield or other window on a vehicle, the problem becomes even more serious, as the inability to see clearly can lead to an accident.

Streak-Free Window Cleaners
The problem with most cleaning products is that they leave a residue. This residue can be virtually invisible on many surfaces, but on a clear surface like glass, it is really obvious. Streak free glass cleaners try to remedy this by leaving less residue, but they are not all created equal. For windows, it’s important to compare and search for the best streak-free window cleaner that will leave no residue or streaking behind. There are various sites that give comparisons for cleaners like this, or there is always trial and error.

Other Factors That Can Make the Best Streak-free Window Cleaner
Beyond the lack of residue, there are a few other factors that are favorable for a window cleaner. The absolute best streak-free window cleaner would be eco-friendly, non-toxic and free from harsh chemicals as well as alcohol and ammonia. Ideally, it would be able to be used on a variety of surfaces as well, not just windows and glass. Of course, no cleaner is really useful if nobody can afford it, so a great window cleaner should also be cost-effective.

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