Finding the Best Hydraulic Fluid Additive in the Nation

by | Nov 22, 2023 | Business

Choosing the best hydraulic fluid additive for your industrial application isn’t always about chemistry. At times, it’s far better to take an equipment-specific approach to minimizing wear, ensuring safety, and optimizing performance. After all, what works well for one type of machinery or any specific set of operations isn’t guaranteed to work well for everything else. The following are several critical points to consider as you browse your options in hydraulic fluid additives.

Friction Modification

The best hydraulic fluid additive for high-friction applications will have a high tolerance to heat and the right viscosity for preventing excessive wear. Sulphurized and phosporous additives hold up well in hydraulic systems, with each option having its own unique range of benefits and limitations.

The Ability to Inhibit Corrosion

The ability to inhibit corrosion is always a key attribute to look for. In addition to slowing or preventing friction-related wear, corrosion inhibitors prevent the oxygen-related breakdown of key components and the formation of sludge. They can also minimize your ongoing maintenance and repair costs.

Anti-Wear Properties and the Ability to Withstand Mounting Pressure

The right hydraulic fluid additive for your equipment will also have adequate amounts of pressure resistance. Whenever hydraulic systems are subjected to rapid movement and increasing heat, pressure invariably builds. If the performance of your additive declines under pressure, your equipment won’t have adequate protection when it needs it most. Fortunately, among high-quality fluid additives, high levels of pressure resistance and corrosion protection often go hand-in-hand with anti-wear capabilities.

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