Finding Positional MRI in Minneapolis, MN

When most people think of MRI’s, they think of the claustrophobic tube with the loud noises. New technology allows for MRI’s in many different positions. Positions include standing up, sitting down, laying down in an open environment and many other positions. It allows for you to put yourself in the uncomfortable position so that the MRI can image exactly what your problem is.

People can have an open MRI which takes away the claustrophobic feeling of being in a tube. The procedure is done with the patient laying on a platform, and the machine moves around the person without a tube. This is excellent for people who suffer from claustrophobia as they are in a room without the tube.

Positional MRI’s put the patient in the position that is causing discomfort so that the MRI can scan the problem itself while the discomfort is happening giving a more accurate diagnosis of the problem. Some problems can only be seen on the MRI by taking the pictures while in the uncomfortable position. Some of the new positions include standing MRI’s, sitting MRI’s, bending over MRI’s and other positions. A child can be scanned on a parent’s lap.

Suma MRI’s work with the patient to make him or her comfortable so that the stress of the MRI is alleviated. They will be able to do the MRI without the need for medication like Valium because the stress of being in the claustrophobic tube is not there anymore. The diagnostic specificity of the open and positional MRI’s is better than the regular tube MRI’s.

The different positions include the lumbar position, the lumbar extension position, the lumbar extension position, the lumbar flexation position, the cervical sitting position, the shoulder position and the weight bearing knee position. These positions give the best results in determining exactly what the problem is with your joints.





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