Financial Considerations and Possible Requirements Regarding Bail Bonding in Crystal River

Many men and women arrested for a felony offense do not have the money to pay bail. They can contact a commercial service for Bail Bonding in Crystal River or have a loved one arrange the service for them. It requires paying a fee for the agency to post a surety bond with the court, after which the defendant can be released from jail.

Why People Choose Surety Bonds

Surety bonds are the most common tools for securing release from jail before trial because so many men and women cannot afford cash bail. A court may be willing to accept collateral instead of cash, such as a lien on real estate. However, individuals who have financial trouble commonly do not own real estate.

People who have built up a reasonable amount of savings over many years may still choose to contact an agency such as Zona Long Bail Bonds rather than pay cash bail. There is no way to know how long that money would be tied up with the court while the case is ongoing. They would not be able to use any of it while it is used as bail.

Fees Associated With Commercial Bail Bonds

Bail Bonding in Crystal River typically costs 10 percent of the cash bail as a nonrefundable fee. The person making the arrangements must learn whether other fees apply that are not associated with the agency. In some jurisdictions, a sheriff’s fee applies; this might run from $10 to $35. A similar court filing fee also may apply. Although these amounts are low, defendants trying to arrange for a bail bond often are struggling financially, and every little bit makes the situation more difficult.

Possible Requirements

The agency also may have certain requirements that the defendant must comply with in order to not have the bail bond revoked. For example, this person may be required to check in with the agency by phone on a schedule. Cash bail is intended to guarantee that the defendant will make all court appearances. With a bail bond, the agency has essentially taken on this responsibility. They may require ongoing confirmation that the defendant is not a flight risk.

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