File a Legal Claim Against a Negligent Doctor in Plainfield, IL

Medical malpractice happens when a doctor provides a low standard of care and causes a patient injury. These injuries could result from various circumstances during the patient’s treatment. Discussing your injuries with medical malpractice lawyers in Plainfield helps determine if the doctor was negligent.

Delayed Medical Treatment

Malpractice laws explain how a doctor is negligent by delaying a patient’s medical treatment. If your condition worsens, the doctor could be found negligent. For example, suppose you have cancer, and the doctor found it at a treatable stage but refused to treat you.

In that case, the doctor provided a poor standard of care and ultimately allowed your cancer to progress to a stage where your survival rate decreased. After this failure, you should speak to medical malpractice lawyers at Plainfield about filing a legal claim against the doctor.

An Inferior or Wrong Medication

All doctors have access to population health statistics and studies that show how a medication controls or cures an illness. For example, suppose a doctor chooses to prescribe a less effective drug. You might have a case if your condition worsens or you develop complications because of the less effective medication.

An Act of Malice

Laws and regulations prohibit doctors from providing poor-quality healthcare based on prejudice or personal beliefs. In addition, any harm to a patient that could be deemed intentional is often classified as an act of malice. A criminal case is also possible when a patient sustains horrific premeditated injuries.

Patient injuries happen due to negligence or a failure to provide appropriate care. For example, injuries could derive from giving the wrong medication, risky medical procedures, and delaying necessary treatment. Contact Block, Klukas, Manzella & Shell, P.C. to discover more about medical malpractice and your rights.

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