Evaluating Docker Cloud Hosting Services

by | Apr 16, 2018 | Business

Many companies today use applications as an easy, effective way to connect with customers, share information or to operate different aspects of the business. Docker, which is an open source project, is an effective way to deploy the software application inside what are known as containers.

These containers operate similar to a sandbox, allowing for an additional layer of security and safety for the deployment and use of the application. Docker is a sophisticated tool that not only provides developers with the ability to package the application for easy development and deployment but also to help to reduce the cost of having to run virtual machines for each application.

The Benefits of Top Hosting Services

There are a lot of different Docker cloud hosting services out there, all offering different packages and features. Keep in mind, one of the benefits of Docker is that it is a lower cost option than running virtual machines, so the hosting packages should offer a significant cost saving.

It will be important to compare the services and not just the prices when looking at different options in Docker cloud hosting. Look for companies that have a top reputation in the maintenance of their servers and that offer a proactive monitoring of all equipment as well your online system for early detection of any potential issues.

Simplicity for the end-user, in this case, your company, will also be an important feature. Look for companies that make support ease and also offer user-friendly access to allow for full development through to deployment.

Customer service, which is often overlooked, should be a key consideration with Docker hosting services. Look for companies that offer 24/7 direct callback support to ensure if there is an issue it can be corrected on your schedule and not restricted to standard “support service hours” offered by some hosting services.

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