Eurotherm Distributors Offer Many Fine Products

by | Jul 8, 2016 | Electrical

Eurotherm (Schneider Electric) is one of the top providers of process control equipment in the world. They offer innovative and unique solutions for many data and measurement systems in industry today. Eurotherm Distributors can provide you with a wide range of products, and let’s look at the company and some of the things they have to offer.

Who is Eurotherm?

Eurotherm has been in existence for over 50 years. They specialize in data recording, power control and process control units. They are especially sensitive to the needs of industries which must follow strict regulations. This allows businesses to enjoy maximum energy conservation and the most efficiency from their process control systems.

Eurotherm began in 1965 manufacturing temperature control units in the UK. They eventually set up four independent operations to handle control systems, data recording units, variable speed drives, and temperature control. Nine years later, they were all united under one company called Eurotherm International.

By the turn of the 20th Century the company merged with several entities to become Eurotherm Limited. In the year 2009, additional mergers lead to Inversys Operations Management. In 2014 they were acquired by Schneider Electric and are now part of a special division of Schneider known as Eurotherm. Today, there are Eurotherm distributors all over the world offering innovative products and solutions.

Eurotherm Products

The company provides five specific products to its customers:

• Power controllers – control for switching (especially electric heat systems). This includes SSR (solid state relays) and SCR (silicon controlled rectifiers). When heat systems demand an exact amount of power, these control units are there to deliver it. Many companies depend on these high tech controllers for saving money on energy.

• Discrete temperature and process control – this is achieved with PID technology. PID stands for proportional integral derivative. This system relies on a control loop strategy to calculate error values between variables and set points. With the help of constant monitoring, errors can be greatly reduced.

• Data recording – in today’s modern processes, logging and keeping track of data is essential. Eurotherm’s data recorders have the ability to analyze, adjust and record the effects of the adjustments.

• Sensor probes and signal conditioning – in explosive environments, these sensors can take care of a wide range of functions. They also help to regulate atmosphere in many kinds of furnace applications.

• Automation control – some automatic systems would suffer disaster should an unscheduled shutdown occur. To prevent problems like this, a capable backup control system is needed. It is a simple process to program a redundant control module from Eurotherm distributors, to ensure no major problems happen.

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