Equipping A Spa

by | Dec 11, 2013 | Health & Beauty

Getting into the spa business used to be relatively simple and straightforward, you needed premises to operate in, any necessary local permits, staff (chosen more for their pleasant appearance and attitude rather than any professional qualifications) and some simple equipment like hot tubs, massage beds and, perhaps, a sauna – then “bingo” you were in business. However, to not only stay in business but to also grow your business; you must “keep up with the times”.

Keeping Ahead Of The Trends

Let’s face it, the world would not come to an end if all the spas disappeared overnight. Today’s proliferation and popularity of spas is very much a result of their “trendy” image. All the time the public (i.e. your clients – note how they are now called clients and not customers) believes it is “trendy” to visit a spa, you can capitalize on that. But, the moment a new trend comes along; the ever fickle public will drop you and patronize the new “in thing”. After all, is your spa really any different from a health club, beauty salon; or even a massage parlor? What does your operation have that makes it stand out from the crowd?

What Treatments Can You Provide?

While you spa can continue to be a place for relaxation and “wellness”, many of your clients are seeking the latest beauty treatments especially in the area of anti-aging or turning back age’s clock. Many of these desired treatments require you to obtain more specialized Spa Equipment and machines. Additionally, to operate much of the newer Spa Equipment requires higher skill levels from your staff; the people that you hired purely for their looks and personalities may not be suitable for training to conduct treatments on much of the newer Spa Equipment.

You Now Need Qualified Professionals

For many treatments, your staff must have attended courses, passed written and practical exams and have been accepted by the relevant State licensing board before they can operate equipment such as:-

  • Crystal microdermabrasion machines

  • Diamond tipped microdermabrasion machines

  • LED light therapy machines

  • RF skin tightening machines

  • Ultrasonic cavitation machines

  • Laser hair removal machines

There is even a thing called a “smile machine” that could be a crowd puller if it was amongst your Spa Equipment.

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