Enjoy The Benefits of Renting Your OCC On-Campus Housing Alone

by | Feb 12, 2024 | Student Housing Center

Renting your OCC on-campus housing with roommates can be fun, but you also have the option of living alone. Renting a studio or one-bedroom apartment yourself offers several benefits, and it all comes down to feeling more independent than you would with roommates.

Decorate the Way You Want

When renting with roommates, you need to compromise on decorating the common areas. However, renting alone allows you to decorate the way you want. It also gives you more room to display decorative pieces and keepsakes from home.

Your Routine Is Never Disrupted

It is easy for your routine to be disrupted when renting with roommates because several people are living in the apartment. If you have a specific routine that needs to be followed, renting solo may be a better option for you.

All Payments Are Your Responsibility

You are only responsible for your portion of the rent when renting with roommates. While renting alone means you are also responsible for extras such as streaming and takeout, it also means you never have to worry about unexpected costs falling into your lap.

You Can Invite Guests Over

You need to be mindful of roommates who are sleeping or studying, and this can make it tough to invite guests over. Living alone means you only need to answer to yourself, so you are free to invite your family, friends, or partner over whenever you want.

The Harbour at Orange Coast College is a great option for OCC on-campus housing, from the cozy units to the beautiful surroundings. You can learn more about this student community by visiting theharbourocc.com.

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