Enhance Your Home with Convenience Outlets

by | Mar 2, 2016 | Lamp Store

There are several kinds of convenience outlets on the market today. Most are very handy and not hard to install. In fact, some are extremely simple. Here is a look at some of the most convenient electrical outlets you will find today.

Under the Counter Lighting

Installing under counter lighting can be as simple as mounting the lights and plugging them into the nearest outlet. But what happens if outlets are scarce in the kitchen and you do not want to use an extension cord? Check out fluorescent under counter light units with convenience outlets built in. When you install these lights you are also adding an electrical outlet to your kitchen.

GFCI Outlets

Kitchens must have ground fault receptacles anywhere within six feet of water. Plus, it’s a good idea to have your coffee pot, toaster and small appliances plugged into ground fault outlets for safety reasons. You could go through all the trouble of buying a GFCI outlet and installing it, if you know how to do it. Otherwise you will need to pay a professional and this can be expensive.

You could install a GFCI breaker for your kitchen circuit. However, these breakers can be expensive. Plus, you don’t want your refrigerator or freezer on a GFCI outlet, because a storm could trip the GFCI in the middle of the night or while you were away, and you could be dealing with major food spoilage.

It’s much easier to check our GFCI convenience outlets which simply plug into an existing outlet. They can add up to six more single outlets to your kitchen, and these units are very affordable.

Convenience Outlets and Your Fluorescent Lighting

Did you know you can replace the electrical outlet in your fluorescent lighting fixtures? Over time, these outlets can become worn and some of them may not be properly grounded in older units. It’s a very simple matter to install these convenience outlets and here is how you do it:

 * Turn off power

 * Remove light fixture cover

 * Snap out the old fixture and remove the wires – on some units you may need to cut them.

 * Connect the wires on the new outlet making sure to wire black to black and white to white.

 * Next, make sure the green or grounding wire is connected to the chassis of the light fixture.

 * You should use the right size wire nut or a crimp fitting to ensure a safe and secure connection. It’s not a good idea to simply twist the wires together and wrap with electrical tape when installing convenience outlets.

 * Snap in the new outlet and put the fixture back together

 * Turn on power

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