Eliminate Pests with Crawl Space Insulation in Tacoma

by | Nov 13, 2020 | Health

As the cooler autumn temperatures arrive, homeowners tend to spend more time indoors. This time of year is also when mice and other rodents seek shelter from the cold. While pesticides and traps can be useful, it’s important to protect every area of your home to avoid further infestations. Unfortunately, many residents fail to realize the crawl space of their home is a common entryway and living area for pests. A company that offers Crawl Space Insulation in Tacoma can help protect your home and make it less inviting to unwanted guests.

What Makes a Crawl Space Attractive to Pests

Under the right conditions, a crawl space is an ideal command center for mice and other pests. It provides a barrier from harsh elements and protection from many predators. Rodents can easily scavenge for food in your home and safely return to their hideaway to dine. The warm, damp environment that many crawl spaces offer is perfect for pests to thrive. Without sufficient insulation, your attic or crawl space is like an open door for these critters.

Additional Benefits of Insulation

Insulating a crawl space helps create a healthier living area for your family too. When air is allowed to flow freely through a space, moisture can form. Over time, this leads to mold and mildew. Mold that is not addressed can cause illness to both your family and pets. Eventually, it may even damage the structure of a home. By insulating, you can restrict the air flow and prevent the warm, dampness that mice love. This results in a cleaner, safer home that is free of mold and mice.

Attics and crawl spaces without insulation can lead to outrageous heating and cooling costs. By scheduling a Crawl Space Insulation in Tacoma, you can soon recover the initial costs of installation in monthly utility bill savings. A home with damaged insulation or none at all can lose around 40 percent of its heating energy through an unsealed crawl space.

If you’re tired of dealing with frequent mice problems in your household, a crawl space or attic insulation can provide a fast, simple solution. This service is recommended for spaces with no insulation and those that may be a health hazard due to dead rodents, pest urine and droppings. In addition to keeping your home’s exterior well protected and food sealed indoors, insulation provides an extra defense against outdoor pests.

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