Don’t Postpone Auto Accident Injury Treatment In Katy, TX

by | Jun 1, 2016 | Chiropractic

An auto accident happens in an instant, but the stress and problems can continue for much longer. Even a fender-bender can cause chronic back pain or whiplash. When someone is hospitalized with serious injuries, there’s an expectation that it will take a while to settle with the insurance company. However, when the injuries appear less serious, many people settle sooner than they should.

Focus on Injuries, Not the Car

Too often, people worry far too much about getting their car repaired and back on the road. Of course, the car needs to be repaired, but the car is not the most important issue.

People expect to have a lot of aches and pains after an accident and may discount it, expecting it to get better soon. That may or may not happen. There are problems that won’t appear immediately after the accident. It’s common to experience headaches, neck pain, muscle aches and stiffness, back pain, difficulty getting to sleep, memory issues and fatigue.

Seek Immediate Medical and Chiropractic Treatment

It’s essential to receive prompt Auto Accident Injury Treatment in Katy TX after an accident. Head injuries are very common and can be serious. Even if there are no obvious medical issues, such as a broken bone, be examined by a doctor and a chiropractor. If a problem develops at a later date, it’s important to have medical records from the date of the accident.

Chiropractors are trained in the biomechanics of the body and are often able to detect hidden injuries that can be difficult to diagnose and treat, such as whiplash or back problems. Insurance companies normally cover chiropractic care; in fact, insurance companies may recommend chiropractic treatment because it works and is cost-effective.

What Not to Do After an Accident

* Don’t say you’re sorry or apologize;

* Don’t move anyone who is injured;

* Don’t tell anyone about the amount of your insurance coverage;

* Don’t agree to forget about the accident; the other person could sue later on;

* Don’t settle too soon; once the insurance claim has been settled, the insurance company will not pay for further medical treatment. Wait to settle until it’s been determined that all injuries are fully resolved.

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