Don’t Live with Hearing Loss in Bethlehem, PA

Losing your hearing can be awful. Imagine, for a moment, never being able to hear the voice of someone you love ever again. Imagine losing the sound of music, laughter or even sadness. While the world has managed very well helping those that can’t hear live full lives, there is no replacing what they have lost, the ability to really hear what others are saying. Hearing Loss in Bethlehem PA is not something that you have to take laying down, however. There are treatment centers that may be able to help you with your issue.

The first thing that you should do when you determine that you’re experiencing hearing loss is visited your physician. Your doctor is going to do an exam to eliminate some of the more common causes of hearing loss, such as a ruptured eardrum or an ear infection. If the doctor doesn’t discover the more common issues, they will refer you to an ear, nose and throat specialist, called an Otolaryngologist.

The specialist is going to run a number of tests, starting with an exam. They are going to want to confirm that your doctor didn’t miss anything more common. Once this is done, the doctor will want to test your hearing. This test is done in isolation and a number of tests are done to determine the extent of the hearing loss and the type of loss. This can be done with tones, speech and other sounds. This is a very precise science that has advanced greatly in the last few years.

There’s no standard treatment for hearing loss. If the Otolaryngologist determines there’s fluid in the ears or some other manageable problem, he might recommend medication or even a minor surgery, such as tubes in the ears.
The doctor may recommend surgery, but often this is done as a last resort. It depends on a great deal on the issue and how likely it is that other treatments will work over time.

Hearing aids are a common outcome for Hearing Loss in Bethlehem PA. There are some advanced options that, while expensive, can allow you to hear better than ever before.

Before you decide that nothing is wrong, visit your doctor. If he or she thinks there is an issue, visit Allen-ent.com for more information about the treatments available to you.

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