Documents You’ll Likely Receive When Buying a Car

by | Jan 8, 2019 | Automotive

Buying a car can be a fun and exciting experience. Of course, the process of buying a car also involves a lot of paperwork. While this paperwork can be completed at the DMV, an Acura dealer near Highland Park will be able to take care of it for you when you buy a car there. What types of documents need to be completed when a car is purchased?

You’ll Need a Bill of Sale

The bill of sale confirms that you have agreed to purchase the vehicle and are its owner. It will also list the price that the vehicle was purchased for and any conditions or warranties that the seller provides. When buying from a private party, you typically have to buy the vehicle as-is. However, if you buy it from an Acura dealer near Highland Park, you will likely get a warranty or at least the chance to return it.

Don’t Forget About Receiving a Valid Title

You technically don’t own a car until you receive the title to it. Therefore, it is important that you get this document and confirm that it is valid. If there is no existing title, it is possible to get a new one from the DMV. In most cases, if you are the first owner, the car will be labeled as new.

If there have been previous owners, the car will be considered used, and the title should accurately reflect this. Feel free to ask any questions about any information on the document prior to signing any loan or purchase paperwork. In the event that it isn’t valid, it may be possible to ask for a refund or other recourse from the seller.

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