Do you want your tattoos removed?

by | Nov 25, 2013 | Health

Often, changes in one’s life may necessitate the removal of a tattoo. There are many social reasons why tattoos are no longer wanted; perhaps a new employer frowns on them, maybe as a woman you want to feel comfortable wearing a backless dress. Whatever the reasons may be, there are ways to undergo tattoo removal in Austin TX, but all of them are accompanied with some degree of pain, expense and time.

It must be highlighted that the skin will not return to its former glory; there will be effects no matter how little they may be.

Perhaps the most commonly used method used today for tattoo removal in Austin TX is through the use of a laser. The laser sends pulses of light through the skin and targets the ink deep in the derma. The result is that the ink breaks down and in a short while, is removed from the body through the normal immune system. The number of treatments very much depends on the size of the tattoo and the number of colors that were used. A small, all black tattoo may be eliminated in two or three settings whereas a large, multi-color tattoo may take ten or more treatments.

Many people who have a very small tattoo will turn to surgical excision. This is a method of tattoo removal that requires the skin under the tattoo to be removed, the skin which then surrounds the incision is drawn together and held by stitches. This is the procedure for small tattoos; larger ones will normally require a skin graft. Regardless of the size, a permanent scar will result.

A third method is dermabrasion; this is when the skin is actually removed by sanding it away, going deep enough to remove the tattoo ink. Although the skin in numbed during the process, it is quite painful and the healing time can be considerable, especially if the tattoo is quite large. To ensure the skin grows back over the abraded area, special dressings must be applied and worn.

Once the treatment has been completed, patients are warned against exposure to excessive water and sunlight. A sun-block cream is suggested as the skin will be more susceptible to the negative effects of the sun’s rays.

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