Do You Understand SSI Disability Law in Bethlehem?

by | Nov 18, 2020 | Law Services

Social Security is often thought of as the law that pays people during their retirement. This was the first and most notable accomplishment of Social Security. Every employed person in the United States pays a portion of their income into the Social Security coffers, and that money is then paid out for retirement. However, it became apparent that the pool of money from Social Security could be used for other purposes as well. Through subsequent amendments and revisions, the Social Security Administration was placed in charge of certain types of disability. That led to SSI disability law. It is a very confusing and complex part of the law.

SSI Disability

When you are injured in a sustained manner, you could qualify for disability. SSI disability law in Bethlehem is not a one-size-fits-all proposition. There are many different elements and many different considerations that go into determining who qualifies for disability and how much money you are qualified to receive. That’s why you need someone who is skilled in this part of the law. You need someone who has not only practice law before, but someone who has specifically dealt with SSI disability.

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Income Assistance

SSI disability law states that the Social Security Administration issues payments to every disabled person who qualifies based on their disability. There are also supplemental income or income assistance programs facilitated by the Social Security Administration. These are not based on your disability alone; if you qualify for disability payments, you could qualify for income assistance. However, income assistance is based on financial need. You have to prove that you are making less than a certain amount of money to qualify.

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