Do You Need A Rosemount Temperature Transmitter On Your System?

by | Sep 24, 2019 | Industrial

There are different designs and options in the line of Rosemount temperature transmitter models. Each of these devices offers different features and options, and they can be selected to match the specific operating requirement of any type of system or operation.

Making the choice to use a Rosemount temperature transmitter is always an investment in quality and precision. There are cheaper makes and options of temperature transmitters on the market, but when accuracy and reliability is a central concern, opting for the proven performance of the Rosemount line is always the best choice.

Compatibility and Installation

While the Rosemount temperature transmitter is designed to work with other Rosemount components, these smart transmitters can also be integrated with all types of RTD or resistance temperature detectors that are commonly used in commercial and industrial applications. A Rosemount distributor or the company itself can always assist with compatibility questions.

Generally, the installation process is extremely simple and can include a hard-wired form of transmitting data, or it can be set up to use a wireless signal. For remote or hard to access areas, the wireless signal is an excellent option.

Features to Consider

Rosemount builds in several different features into the different models of temperature transmitters. These can include dual compartments for added protection, full diagnostic capacity as well as hot back-up and sensor drift detection and correction.

With large LED displays available on both wireless and hard-wired systems, these are easy to configure. They can be configured on the spot during the installation process, or they can be configured remotely once linked with the system.

Long life cycles and the ability to operate even in very harsh environments make the investment in these temperature transmitters a top ROI for any company.

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