DIY Tips on Furnace Repair in Appleton WI

At a certain point in time, gas furnaces may not function properly. It then becomes necessary to troubleshoot the gas furnace or, if things get too bad, call for the services of a technician to repair it. Most furnaces have electronic ignitions, and troubleshooting them may require special and expert attention.

The major difference between a condensing and a conventional furnace is the technology of the heat exchanger used in the extraction of heat from the combustion process and the method used to drain the combustion gases. In this respect, both furnaces are, indeed, very different. The combustion process for a condensing furnace is not more efficient than that of a conventional furnace. Both of them use gas burners that make use of electronic ignition. Aside from that, the other major difference is the process of heat extraction because that of the condensing furnace is more efficient than a combustion furnace.

It’s important to review some of the issues encountered when dealing with a conventional furnace, and the following are relevant tips for DIY Furnace Repair in Appleton WI.

Some of the possible issues which may cause the non-production of heat are:

* The thermostat may have been set too low.

* The thermostat isn’t working.

* A blown fuse or circuit breaker or fuse.

* Closure of the control valve for the propane or natural gas.

* Electronic Ignition problems.

Some suggested repairs.

* Verify the thermostat is in heat mode and at the appropriate temperature setting.

* Try moving dial setting up or down a few degrees.

* Clean contacts in thermostat if it is a non-digital type.

* Reset a tripped circuit breaker.

* Replace a blown fuse or reset a tripped breaker.

* Troubleshoot the hot surface ignition system.

Production of Insufficient Heat

Some issues which may result in insufficient heat production are:

* The furnace air filters may be dirty or clogged.

* Gas burners may require adjustment or may need cleaning.

* Air flow to the combustion air chamber may be obstructed.

Some recommended tips for repairs.

* The dirty air filter should be replaced.

* Call professional technicians to adjust the burners.

* Ensure an adequate supply of air to the combustion chamber.

The above are just a few tips to quickly troubleshoot a gas furnace. Remember to Contact Bob’s quality heating and cooling for professional Furnace Repair in Appleton WI if any serious issue is encountered.

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