Direct Vent Gas Fireplace Offers Better Options For Homeowners

When temperature drops and the weather outside turns icy and cold, many people want to curl up inside their homes next to a comfortable and cozy fireplace. But sadly not all homes come with a chimney and fireplace. Thankfully there is a way that people can still enjoy the warmth and ambiance of a traditional fireplace even when they don’t have a chimney. This is done using a direct vent gas fireplace.

Advantages of a Direct Vent Gas Fireplace

People who long for the warmth and elegance of a fireplace but don’t have a chimney or live in a less traditional type of home love using gas fireplaces to help them feel warm and cozy on cold winter nights. There are many advantages to using a gas fireplace that has a direct vent which eliminated the need for a flue. A flue is a duct or opening in a chimney that helps move gas and smoke from a fireplace to the outdoors. A direct vent heater eliminates the need for such a device.

 * More Versatility – the use of a direct vent means that homeowners have more flexibility as to where they place their fireplace. A direct vent can be installed right into a wall so it can be placed in any room that has an outside wall. If you don’t have the wall spaced needed you could also vent the fireplace through the roof. These units come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes so anyone can find the right size fireplace to fit their room or area.
  * More Efficient – because a direct vent fireplace eliminates the flue they are more efficient and put off more heat into the air. It uses air from outside for combustion by pulling the air in and venting it through the pip exhaust. This creates a flow of air and heat that creates a convention loop with hot air exiting the pipe and colder air being moved into the outside. This creates more warmth in the areas where you want the heat to be.
  * High Level of Safety – since there is no flue with direct vent fireplaces there is never any danger of a backdraft sending flames out into the room when the door is opened.

The many benefits that a direct vent fireplace offers make it a valuable and practical alternative to traditional fireplaces when someone is looking for a way to help keep their home warm in the winter.

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