Details to Consider When It’s Time to Select New Countertops

by | Sep 30, 2020 | Health

When it’s time to renovate the countertops in your kitchen, there are a few details to consider. Think about the function of the countertops as well as who will be using them as you want to get a material that resists stains if you frequently prepare meals or if there are children in your home. Here are a few tips to keep in mind so that you choose the kitchen countertops in Gig Harbor WA that are the best option for your family.


Before you begin choosing materials and design ideas, you need to consider the budget that you have to work with as some materials are a bit more expensive than others. If you want to use laminate instead of stone, then you’re going to save money while still getting the appearance that you design. Laminate is sometimes easier to maintain as well and can easily be changed in the future if you want a different look in your kitchen.


Consider asking for a few samples of materials before you decide on the final one for your countertops. When you select samples of kitchen countertops in Gig Harbor WA, you need to see how the color would look with the other details in the room. Pay attention to the surface and whether it’s porous or not as you might want something that doesn’t absorb liquids if you have children or if there will be more liquids on the surface. Some of the samples you could get include granite, glass, and marble.


An important detail to consider when installing countertops is the design of the edges. If there will be people in and out of the room, then you might want to consider rounded edges so that they don’t stick out at a point. However, if you want to create a sophisticated look, then squared edges would be the better option.

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