Dental Whitening Tips and Tricks from a Cosmetic Dentist Gilbert AZ

by | Feb 24, 2014 | Dentist

If your teeth are pure white, then your goal is to keep them white. If the color of your teeth needs to be adjusted, bleaching them is the result. It is proven that people who have beautiful white teeth smile more often. A smile, in turn, causes the facial muscles to work better. This leads to a reduction in wrinkles and improves skin condition. People who need dental whitening need to visit their local cosmetic dentist Gilbert AZ.

The following recommendations will help make your teeth whiter and healthier.

1. Leave bad habits behind. Nicotine, tea, and coffee inevitably lead to permanent yellowing of the teeth (and their destruction). Throw these bad habits away before it is too late! Smoking is a serious issue that can damage oral health, so is tea and coffee. It is best to limit these things, if not eliminate them altogether.

2. Whitening with toothpaste can help. However, it is best to buy toothpaste that only a dentist recommends. Cheap whitening toothpastes can only do harm.

3. Use traditional medicinal whitening folk remedies. If this is an option, the use of different mixtures and solutions can help you whiten your teeth extensively. Try to blend conventional baking soda with small amounts of hydrogen peroxide. This paste can polish teeth almost as well as whitening toothpastes. This procedure cannot be performed too often, however. In fact, no more than once a month. You can also whiten teeth with strawberries, lemon, charcoal and tea tree oil.

4. Visit your dentist. If all of the above measures do not produce the desired result, you should visit your local Cosmetic Dentist Gilbert AZ for professional teeth whitening procedures. Maybe you need to not only whiten, but also treat your teeth.

After you get the teeth whitening results you desire, you will have to care for them the right way.

1. Get an electric toothbrush. It is much better than traditional brushes because it cleans teeth using sonic movement and it massages gums.

2. Use only high-quality toothpaste.

3. Properly brush your teeth. Try to get to all the hard to reach places. Pay special attention to the lower teeth. The whole procedure should not take less than three minutes.

4. After any snack, chew gum within five minutes. It is best to buy a natural gum resin in the pharmacy section.

5. From time to time, repeat bleaching treatments.

For more information about dental whitening, contact Sossaman Dental Health and Implant Center today.

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