Degrees of Common Offenses a Criminal Lawyer Handles in Hackensack NJ

by | Mar 8, 2023 | Lawyers

In Hackensack NJ, a criminal lawyer is expected to handle diverse crimes. According to the 2020 Uniform Crime Report, the top most common in New Jersey are, from highest to lowest, the following:

  1. Larcenies
  2. Burglaries
  3. Vehicle Thefts
  4. Aggravated Assaults
  5. Robberies

All are categorized according to their degree.

Degrees of Criminal Offenses

Under New Jersey law, criminal offenses fall into one of four degrees. Fortunately, the most common crimes do not fall into the most serious and atrocious category – First Degree Criminal Offense. The most common crimes taken on by a criminal defense lawyer in Hackensack NJ tend to fall into the second and third-degree offense categories.

Larceny, for example, falls into either the second or third-degree category. It depends upon whether it is petty or grand larceny. Burglaries and aggravated assault are categorized as third-degree offenses while unarmed robberies may be considered second-degree offenses if the crime is described as “unarmed.” The classification of vehicle theft depends upon the intent.

Such categorizations are important. Whenever possible, a criminal lawyer will try to reduce the severity of the offense. This will help to decrease the penalties which can range from a minor financial penalty and parole to large fines and time spent in a facility.

Hiring a Criminal Defense Attorney

If you are accused or charged with a serious crime in Hackensack NJ, hire a criminal defense lawyer. This is essential. doing so will go a long way toward helping you escape the worst the system can offer.

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