Dating in Dallas, TX: Why you Should Have a Date at a Rooftop bar

by | Nov 28, 2019 | Hotels

You are trying to impress your date, and you want to do it in an inexpensive way. The answer is one of the uptown rooftop bars right here in Dallas, TX. The following are some reasons why taking a date to a rooftop bar and restaurant is a good idea.

A Unique Outing

There aren’t many rooftop restaurants and bars to begin with, so the likelihood that your date has been to many of these places is low. You probably haven’t been to many of these locations yourself. Being able to make your date a special one by choosing a unique destination is a win and should score you some points.

Wonderful View

Another reason you may want to opt for a rooftop date is the view. Even if you’ve been to a number of uptown rooftop bars, the one thing that is always going to be different is the view. Sunsets are especially unique, so going around that time should be quite spectacular. You can check online to see what time the sun sets in Dallas so that you can get there with enough time to enjoy the view. To get daily updates follow us on Instagram.

Free Aromatherapy

The reality is that being inside all the time is not good for you. The air is not always clean indoors. When you opt for an outdoor setting, you get aromatherapy for free. This means you get to breathe a lot easier than you might have inside. You get to enjoy some of the natural aromas when you are out and about. You even get natural sunlight, which supplies you with all the vitamin D you need.

Upside West Village is a good rooftop bar that you can take your date to. You can check out everything the bar has to offer by calling 214-522-2929 so that you are ready to order when you get there.

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