Consulting an Attorney After a Serious Personal Injury in Honolulu

by | Nov 19, 2019 | Attorney

A person who has suffered a serious personal injury in Honolulu because of someone else’s negligence may wonder if a lawyer can help. After an accident, the lives of those involved can changed dramatically. They may not be sure if the insurance company is offering a fair settlement, considering how many medical bills there are and still no approval from the doctor about going back to work.

Possible Factors in the Demand for Compensation

After a serious personal injury in Honolulu, the victim may be entitled to a great deal more compensation than they realize. A lawyer may not only demand payment for hospital bills and other medical expenses, as well as lost wages, but for many other factors. Physical therapy, adaptive equipment like walkers and canes, and transportation to appointments are examples.

Emotional distress, psychological trauma and ongoing pain are examples of aspects that cannot be described in terms of actual monetary value. Nevertheless, a lawyer may decide on a monetary value for these issues and add that to the settlement demand.

Serious Injury by Falling

Aside from traffic accidents, many other incidents can cause this type of physical and emotional harm. State government statistics show that falling is the most common injury-rated cause of serious injury and fatality in Hawaii, even more so than vehicle collisions. Of course, not all of these falls are due to someone else’s negligence. People may get seriously injured by falling while hiking on a rugged trail or even in their home shower.

Sometimes, however, the fall is directly connected with a negligent property owner or someone in charge of the premises. Rainwater tracked into stores can result in slick flooring, for example. Torn carpeting on a stairway can cause someone to trip.

Future Physical Limitations

Especially when a person will have physical limitations in the future, even to a small extent, this individual should hire an organization such as Yoshida & Associates for legal representation. Accident victims deserve financial compensation to cover the reduction in quality of life, negative changes in appearance, and decreased ability to earn the same income they were making before.

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