Composite Toe Work Boots for Safety

by | Dec 1, 2017 | Shopping

Composite toe work boots are the best way to protect against injury without impeding motion or comfort. Steel-toe work boots were once the industry norm, and may still be relevant in some situations. However, these are far superior because of their greater comfort. They are lightweight and therefore much better for workers who stay on their feet all day. Plus, composite toe boots do not set off metal detectors. For these and other reasons, they have largely replaced steel toe work boots in most industries.

The goal of a protective boot is obviously to protect the feet from injury due to collisions or fallen objects. Composite materials reinforce the work boot toe, preventing any material from piercing the foot, and preventing the foot from being crushed. Many types of composite toe work boots are also designed with an upper made with impermeable material, which protects workers from chemical spills too—critical for some industries. With the right composite toe work boots workers are protected from multiple types of injury, reducing the chance of unnecessary downtime due to sick leave or worker compensation liability.

A comfortable composite toe work boot goes a step further in promoting worker productivity. While some workers remember the heavy steel toe boots of yore and associate all protective boots with heaviness, sore feet, reduced range of motion, and other discomfort, those who wear composite work boots can work longer, smarter, and safer. Work boots should be lightweight and flexible, while also providing the level of protection required by your industry.

Now, you know composite toe work boots are necessary for some environments and situations, but it is important to choose the right ones. Some composite toe work boots are designed for outdoor use, others for slippery indoor surfaces. Pay attention not just to the composite material used in the toe reinforcement, but also the material used to construct the upper.

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