Common Reasons to Visit a Urgent Care Medical Office in Palm Beach Gardens

These days more and more people are using urgent care facilities in lieu of emergency rooms due to the cost effectiveness and the quality care they recieve. Whether it be a common cold or bone fractures, an urgent care Medical Office in Palm Beach Gardens can help you during your time of need. Here are a few of the most common reasons to visit an urgent care facility.

Cold or Flu

If you have been coughing and sneezing for more than two days with no help from over the counter medicines, then It may be time to seek some medical care. Usually, things such as sinus infections will require an antibiotic to get rid of and only a doctor will be able to prescribe this. If you are experiencing flu symptoms such as fever or vomiting, then you should definitely visit your local urgent care in order to get some relief. An urgent care can treat basically any condition such as this just like a primary physician would, but at a much cheaper cost to you.

Bone Fractures or Breaks

Many urgent care facilities are now equipped with x ray machines, which can be vital in treating a break or fracture. Most young children or even adults that are very active will more than likely have an accident at one time or another. The key to minimalizing the long term affects from these types of injuries is getting treated quickly. Since your condition is not life threatening you will be able to seek out a good urgent care to help you with pain management or other issues you are having. By visiting the urgent care instead of an emergency room, you will be able to get faster treatment and at a fraction of the cost. Many times emergency rooms are busy and understaffed, so choosing an urgent care will be the best options for injuries such as this.

If you find yourself in need of a quality urgent care, then look no further than Family Medical And Urgent Care. They can offer you a wide variety of treatments in your hour of need.


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