Chrome Plating in CT for All Your Needs

by | Jul 11, 2016 | chrome plating service

Chrome plating in CT can easily elevate the quality of your product. It can be used across a wide range of industries to help strengthen and protect a wide range of metal substrates. Chrome plating offers that finishing touch that can improve the quality of a wide range of products. Plating can be the step that takes any product from good to great and any part from doable to determined!

Industrial style chrome is a very hard surface that can help to:

  • Prevent rust
  • Works great to reduce friction on lubricated parts
  • Protect surfaces from abrasion

Chrome Does Not Rust

Chrome is an excellent option for products that are exposed to potentially corrosive environments because it does not rust. It can be used on parts including machine parts to keep away rust. It can also reduce the formation of rust. This can be an excellent solution for many different applications.

Perfect For Abrasive Parts

Chrome also has the capacity to stand up to abrasive parts. A plating of chrome on any part can reduce typical wear and tear issues.

Lubricated Parts

Chrome offers a very high co-efficient when it comes to friction so it is an ideal material for any lubricated parts.

You can improve the function and reliability of all your metal parts with expertly applied chrome plating. It can easily help to improve worn parts. This super hard plating is perfect for rebuilding worn parts and upgrading new products. No matter what application you are considering you should know that this type of plating can improve your results and the longevity of the product.

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