Choosing the Perfect Stage for an Event

A stage is more than just a place to play rock & roll gigs, hand out awards or strut down the catwalk. Like the individuals who grace them, so too can a stage have a style all its own. Whether you are planning a tour, trade show or corporate function, strive to rent a stage that will leave an impression on your audience long after the show is over.

Staging, Accessories and More

What do you want the overall feel of your event to be? Do you want your audience gazing up at the performers and presenters or would you prefer them looking down from seating decks? What shape should the stage be and where is the best place to put the DJ’s turntables? The details matter. Here are a few more to consider before you rent a stage: risers, stairs, handrails, stage material and runways.


Putting on a single show is one matter, but doing it night after night in different locations is another. If you’re taking your show on the road, make sure you have the right team supporting you. Be sure to choose a company with a proven track record of efficiency and safety.

Past Work

If you want to rent a stage but are lacking ideas for what type to get, check out the company’s previous work. This is the perfect way to spark creativity; mix and match their past successes, while adding your own personal touch.

To learn more about designing and renting a stage for an event, visit the Gallagher Staging & Productions website or call 714-690-1559.

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