Choosing Appropriate Flowers for a Funeral

If you are in charge of overseeing the act of getting together flowers for a funeral in Toledo, Ohio, you probably have a lot to consider. Making a choice that all the visitors to the funeral will enjoy is essential, as is choosing flowers that fit the person who is being recognized at the funeral. Flowers are an important aspect of many funerals and knowing what floral arrangement sends what message is fundamental.
There are numerous types of funeral flower arrangements. They include casket sprays, which are draped over the casket, standing sprays, which include an easel and are in specific shapes, and bouquets which are in vases or baskets that may be located anywhere at the location of the funeral.

The price of flowers can also vary quite a bit depending on type. For instance, a bouquet is likely going to be the cheapest option, followed by standing sprays, which is also followed by a casket spray. If you cannot purchase all the flowers you would like, you can often ask that flowers be gifted for the service.

You should also be sure that the religion that is represented at the service is one in which flowers are traditionally used. In some religions, this may not be a common tradition and should not be done. In others, flowers are nearly always used. If you are unsure, it’s a good idea to seek out more information on the specific religion in question.

As far as types of flowers go, many have a particular symbolism behind them. The peace lily is a common funeral flower which symbolizes the rebirth of the soul and innocence. This is an excellent choice to send someone who is grieving.

Roses are also extremely common but have different meanings based on colors. A white rose symbolizes innocence and purity, while a red rose shows grief and love. It’s important to understand what the color you choose will evoke in an emotional way.

Orchids are an alternative to the other and make an unusual gift. An orchid plant can also last a reasonably long time, compared to orchids that are found in a flower arrangement.

Other flowers that are common with funerals are carnations, chrysanthemums, hyacinth, and hydrangea. Each has its place and is appropriate for a funeral service. It’s a matter of personal taste and what you want to evoke what you should choose as flowers for a funeral in Toledo, Ohio.

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