Choosing A York AC Compressor For Refrigerated Trucks

by | Jun 21, 2016 | Tools and Equipment

If you are a fleet manager, trucking company owner or an owner/operator using refrigerated trucks, at some time you will need to replace the air compressor. If the system is currently using a York AC compressor, one of the easiest and lowest cost fix options is a remanufactured model.

By using this option, you will receive, often in just a day or a few days, a like-new, remanufactured York AC compressor that will simply slip into the system and replace the old, non-working model. With the lower cost, you may even want to upgrade to a newer model of York compressor that is more energy efficient and more effective at cooling.

The Style

The York compressor used for mobile refrigeration in trucks is typically called a CCI style. They may also be called inline or upright styles and they are usually reciprocating compressors.

To identify your current compressor, look for a metal tag or product plate that is mounted on the compressor. The middle line will start with PT and it will have a series of number and letters.

The first series of numbers and letters, in order, identifies the compressor grade, style of hose connections, number of cylinders, cubic inch displacement and the type of suction, which will either be R (right) or L (left).

After this there is a space and then a number. This is the part number and this is important in finding the right replacement York AC compressor.

Getting Help

If there is damage to the plate or if the information is difficult to read, you may be able to find out more directly from York. Calling the company and providing all the readable information off of the tag may provide them with the information needed to give you the rest of the number.

Sometimes it is possible to contact a company specializing in air conditioning compressor remanufacturing. They can let you know if they have York models in stock and you can either bring in or send in your current compressor.

These experts in remanufacturing air compressors will typically have no difficulty in determining the exact model, plus they have a top working relationship with York, as well as other air conditioning compressor manufacturers that gives them technical support and assistance that may not be offered to the general public.

Once the model number is confirmed, the remanufacturing company can either repair your current unit or provide you with a remanufactured compressor that is like new, which is usually the best possible option.

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