Children Require Dental Services at a Young Age

When your children have dental health issues, it is essential to find a dentist near Wood Dale, Il., that parents can count on for pediatric services. Children should begin visiting a dentist as soon as they have a primary tooth. Early dental visits will help your child become accustomed to the bright lights and large equipment in a dentist’s office, and also, it is possible that a dentist will find an abnormality of the mouth, gums or teeth that will require specialized treatment.

Sealants or Fluoride

If you have a child who is developing cavities, then it is vital to use preventative treatments. A dentist can apply sealants to a child’s back teeth to protect the ridges and cusps of the molars from tooth decay. This type of liquid sealant substance will dry on the teeth, and it often remains in place for 10 years. Sealants are appropriate for the primary and permanent molars where tooth decay commonly occurs. Fluoride treatments are another way to protect a child’s teeth from tooth decay, and this substance is brushed onto the front and back teeth.

Know What to Do During a Dental Emergency

Dental emergencies can occur in children, so if you have a family dentist for routine treatments, then it is easier to have a procedure to repair a broken or dislocated tooth. A dentist in Wood Dale sees children on a regular basis and will have the medical information and X-rays available to help patients as fast as possible. Parents should place a dislocated tooth or a portion of a broken tooth in a damp cloth to bring it to the dentist’s office within one hour of an accident. To learn more about our dental services, contact Brian Homann, DDS at our website located at https://www.elkgrovevillageildentist.com/.

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