Characteristics of Nylon Powder Coating

by | Mar 25, 2016 | Business

When high-quality protection against corrosion is needed, nylon powder coating is the answer. Mechanical, heat, chemical and aging resistance properties are the results.

Powder provides materials with the following benefits:

 * High wear resistance
 * Low coefficient sliding
 * High elasticity and mechanic strength
 * Resistance to boiling or detergent-filled water
 * Low water absorption
 * Resistance to cracks from stress
 * Resistance to saline solutions and many organic solvents

Nylon powder coating makes materials extremely durable and resistant to impact. The process is also approved by the FDA for food contact. Dishwater baskets and food-handling items are parts that are often powder coated. The low friction coefficient of powder coating makes it useful in coating conveyor equipment and gears as well.

Types of Coating
Thermoset and thermoplastic represent the two types of industry coatings. When applied to surface objects, the heat sensitive catalysts in thermoset will melt at temperatures of 250 to 275 degrees Fahrenheit. When a temperature of 350 degrees is reached, the nylon coating experiences a chemical change. The result is an extremely durable flexible coating.

Thermoplastic powder coatings employ a slightly different technique. Nylon powder coating is applied after an object is heated to a specific melting point. It’s at this point that coating can fuse to the heated objects surface. This method produces results that are non-corrosive, and the coated objects are resistant to chemical. It is the most common type of coating practiced in the industry.

Coating Applications
Coating powder is applied through two techniques: fluidized bed and electrostatic spray. The fluidized bed method passes a gas through pulverized powder, which becomes fluid. An object is then heated to a specific temperature and dipped into the fluid. In the electrostatic spray method, the powders ions are charged electrically. The powder is sprayed and later heated. Both methods make an impressive impact that has a low friction coefficient.

Choosing the Right Provider
Businesses looking for coating solutions should consider coating companies that provide a full array of solutions and services that include polishing, high-precision, material selection, and assembly. Look for plastic experts whose focus is in plastic machining. The company should also use components made of the highest quality and guarantee their work.

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