Casement Group: The Hampshire Divorce Lawyers for People Who Never Thought They Would Need a Divorce Lawyer

When you said “I do,” you probably never thought there would be a day that you no longer did. Most people who get married believe it really will be forever, which means that the end of a marriage, even if you are the one seeking a divorce, is a stressful and difficult time. Finding an attorney who can protect your interests is extremely important, but finding a good divorce attorney can be surprisingly difficult. Unlike other professionals, most of us pay little attention when someone is talking about their divorce attorneys, because, until it happens to us, we just do not think it can happen.

Illinois takes an interesting approach to divorce. In 2016, it transitioned completely to a no-fault state. While parties could allege irreconcilable differences prior to 2016, in 2016 it became the only grounds for a divorce. More interesting, both parties have to state the same grounds and to show that they have either made all reasonable attempts to preserve the marriage or that making those attempts would result in further deterioration of the marriage. This came with a reduction in the waiting period for a divorce as well as changes in terminology regarding child custody.  All of these changes were made with the goal of preserving the family. The legislature recognized that having divorcing spouses rehashing marital disputes in a courtroom did not benefit anyone; all it did was drag out a divorce process and increase acrimony between partners. However, it is an easy thing to want to do.  Divorce hurts and it’s a well-known axiom that hurt people hurt people. While that can be rewarding in the short-term, it is rarely a good long-term strategy. The Hampshire Divorce Lawyers at the Casement Group help you focus on your long-term goals and ensure that you don’t let your temporary feelings have a negative impact on your whole future.

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