Calling Pest Control Companies in Phoenix AZ To Remove A Bee Problem

by | May 10, 2017 | Pest Control Service

When a bee hive is noticed in a back yard, steps to remove its inhabitants will be of importance so no one in the household suffers from stings. Most people will call one of the Pest Control Companies in Phoenix AZ to assist with a bee hive removal. Here are some steps to take in keeping those in the home safe when waiting for a service to arrive.

Avoid Wearing Bright Colors To Reduce Injury Risk

It is important to avoid wearing clothing in bright colors in areas where bees may be present. Colors in bright hues will cause bees to become overly excited as they will be associated with the feeling of seeing floral blooms. Beekeepers wear white clothing when handling bees since it helps to keep them docile. Doing the same when walking around the exterior of the home can be beneficial in reducing the chance of a bee sting.

Stay Away From The Area During Prime Times

Bees are active during the daytime hours. If someone needs to get something located in the area where the hive is present, it is best to wait until it gets dark. The bees will be nestled inside of the hive until sunlight emerges the next day. Bees are active around dusk as they are flying around searching for pollen before they settle in for the evening. It is best to avoid the area completely at this time if possible.

Consider Spraying The Hive If Time Is Of Importance

If a pest control service is not able to get to the home right away, spraying the hive with an over-the-counter bee killing agent can be helpful in reducing the number of bees present. It is best to wear netting over the head and face when taking this action. Spray the hive from afar and immediately take cover in case any bees stream out of the hive.

When there is a need to find one of the Pest Control Companies in Phoenix AZ to help with bee removal, calling one that will handle the job promptly is usually preferred. Contact ASAP Bee Removal or check out their website at website to find out more.

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