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Historians think the first diamond was found in India 3000 years ago. It did not take long for diamonds to become part of myths and legends. For example, the Indian people thought diamonds had mystic powers. Centuries later, Europeans believed diamonds could cure illnesses. It was commonplace for patients to consume the stones, hoping to get well. Diamonds were discovered in South Africa in the 1800’s, and merchants started trading the stones. By this time, diamonds were considered valuable rather than mystical.

Today, diamond jewelry remains very desirable. For years, diamond engagement rings have been a tradition. Diamond Jewelers in NJ sell a variety of engagement rings. Further, diamonds are popular as pendants, earrings, and bracelets. Amazingly, diamond jewelry creates fashion trends. For instance, millions of diamond stud earrings and tennis bracelets have been sold. It does not appear the demand for diamonds will ever diminish. That is why diamonds are mined in several countries around the world.

South Africa remains a leader in diamond production. However, Australia produces beautiful, gem quality diamonds. Only a fifth of the world’s mined diamonds is gem quality. Otherwise, they are used for other purposes like drill bits. Canada, Russia and some South American countries are major players in the diamond market. Diamond Jewelers in NJ may suggest investing in colored diamonds. Chocolate and canary diamonds are popular. However, red diamonds are the rarest.

The industry standard is to use the four C’s to purchase a diamond. The four C’s are clarity, cut, carat, and color. Reputable jewelers should provide a certification for each stone. The certification describes the four C’s and how it applies to the stone. Diamonds do not have to be large to be beautiful. Indeed, smaller stones can have better color and clarity than a larger one. Experts say the cut is the most important of the four C’s. The most skilled craftsman must cut diamonds in a way to showcase the color and clarity. There is a lot to learn about diamonds. However, being happy with the perfect stone is worth it. To shop and learn, visit Lincroft Village Jewelers at their website.

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