Broaden Your Capabilities with a Portable Laser Engraving Machine

If you don’t require the sheer size of a standard lasering engraving and cutting machine, you can opt for something a little smaller and more convenient.

Whether you are looking to start your own business, or you simply wish to dive into a hobby, you can find smaller laser engraving machines that make completing projects much simpler. A portable laser engraving machine is ideal for individuals who don’t require the capacity of or don’t have the space for one of the larger units.

Portable and Lightweight

The idea is to create a machine that you can use more easily and that you can take with you when you go places, and these machines are relatively lightweight. Usually, you will find them around 50 lbs, but different models may vary in shape and size.

Sometimes these are able to be carried and placed on a table, and other times they might come with legs so that you can stand and do your engraving. A portable laser engraving machine is a considerable size reduction, so it’s not perfect for all job types.

Additionally, some lasers are able to be operated by hand, but this might limit your ability to create intricate designs and other images.

Mark onto All Sorts of Materials

The size reduction of the portable laser engraving machine won’t limit your ability to engrave on certain materials. Most often, if you can engrave on something with a standard engraver, you can do so with the portable machines as well.

In fact, some portable engravers may even increase your ability to engrave on certain items. Traditional engravers are flatbed machines, but some portable engravers make it possible to move around and engrave curved components and other areas that would be unreachable otherwise. The one that you choose, however, will depend on your intentions.

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