Best Practices for Protecting and Recovering Data

by | Jul 17, 2018 | Data Recovery Service

It can be devastating for a company to realize that data has been lost due to user error, viruses, or hacking. Not being prepared for this common situation can escalate the panic and anxiety when something goes wrong. While you should have one of the best external hard drive recovery companies to contact when an emergency happens, it’s also best to have a plan.

Creating a Written Plan

Every business should include details in their disaster recovery plan for what to do when data recovery is required. The staff who are involved in this procedure should be aware of their role, whether that entails managing cloud-based backups or knowing to save their work to a specific server. The plan should discuss the layers of protection available and steps that should be taken when data loss occurs.

Take Advantage of Automation

If you set up automatic backups and other recovery tasks, you run less risk than when relying on manual processes. For instance, a small business with one person in charge of backups may be in trouble if that person goes on vacation or leaves the company. Automation ensures the task is handled, no matter what else is going on. One option is SMART monitoring, which means Self Monitoring Analysis Reporting Technology. This means the hard drives are constantly watched for potential failures. IT staff will have a chance to replace and backup a drive before failure, so no emergency occurs.

Use the Cloud

When building a data recovery plan, you should have multiple options for data storage. This provides both redundancy and flexibility. Having part of your important data on the cloud is an affordable and scalable option that ensures the data is not impacted if something goes awry in your facility. Once the situation is taken care of, the data can be moved from the cloud to the facility, so data can be accessed again without worry.

Choose the Right Provider

You will still want to have access to the best external hard drive recovery company in cases where something goes wrong that was not expected. This means a company with the right hardware and software to handle any size job. If you’re looking for a fantastic company for your needs, consider Website. You can find out more about our services on our website or reach us by phone at 866-400-DATA.

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