Benefits of Installing French Drains in Newton, MA

It used to be the case that just about all New England basements were damp and musty, unpleasant places. Today, though, waterproofing contractors have tons of technologically advanced options at their disposal when it comes to removing moisture and reclaiming those previously unusable spaces. Read on to find out about a few of the benefits of French drains in Newton MA to see if this solution might be the right one.

No Yard Damage

Unlike other types of drainage systems, french drains can be installed without tearing up homeowners’ yards. Interior french drains can be installed in conjunction with sump pumps or other systems to drain all of the water to the home’s septic tank to prevent any water from seeping back toward the home’s foundation. Water doesn’t have to be routed to a septic tank, either, and some homeowners choose instead to have it routed to downhill gardens or other areas that could benefit from that extra moisture.

Energy Efficient

French drains in Newton MA are designed to harness the power of gravity, which makes them much more cost-efficient than other systems. As noted above, interior-only french drain systems may need to be installed in conjunction with a sump pump. This isn’t strictly necessary if homeowners are willing to have their excess moisture drained to a downhill area of their yards, though.

Economically Efficient

French drains are one of the most economically-efficient options for removing moisture from basements, not just because they don’t come with hefty electrical bills but also because they’re easy to install. Of course, reaping the many benefits of french drains does require professional installation, but waterproofing contractors know that french drains take less time and money to place than other drainage systems and they can pass those savings on to their customers.

Get Started Today

Once a leaky basement has been dried out and a drainage system has been installed there’s really no end to the possibilities of what homeowners can do with their new spaces. Some choose to install game rooms or dens, while others use their basements for storage, but the first step is always to address leaks and provide adequate drainage. Browse our website to find out about one local company that can help today.

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