Automatic Stilletos Prove Perfect for Countless Everday Carry Purposes

by | Jan 5, 2024 | Knives

Users of automatic stiletto knives have long been thought of as rugged outdoor enthusiasts who want to be certain that they’re always going to have a knife that will be at the ready no matter what kind of situation they might find themselves in. Considering just how easy it is to open up automatic stiletto knives, this is quite an accurate portrayal of their use. However, these blades have also made a name for themselves in more demure situations.

Despite their association with self-defense and Hollywood action movies, people are increasingly likely to use stiletto blades in various technical settings. For instance, those who need a knife because they’re stripping wire or routing cables are likely to turn to them for assistance. Since they can be opened with only one hand, they’ve become well-liked among members of this community. That being said, you won’t just see them in a media lab or maker space.

Artists and even radio enthusiasts are flocking to stiletto-style blades because they’re easy to carry around and fit comfortably in a pocket. Professionals who want to invest in something that they can carry with them daily are also often pleased by just how durable these knives are. Folding blades are usually seen as somewhat weaker than fixed ones, which means many people are pleasantly surprised when they first try them out in a real-world test case.

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