Aftercare For Cataract Eye Surgery In Fort Collins CO

by | May 8, 2017 | Eye Care

According to the American Academy of Ophthalmology around 24.4 million Americans suffer from cataracts. Nearly half of all Americans will suffer from cataracts if they are fortunate enough to live to be 75 or more. Fortunately, cataracts are treatable through cataract Eye Surgery in Fort Collins CO and elsewhere. Here are some tips on how to make aftercare of the surgery easier.

Surgery On One Eye At a Time

Most people need cataract Eye Surgery in Fort Collins CO and elsewhere in both eyes. However, doing surgery on both eyes at once would leave the patient temporarily blind. For the patient’s best interests, surgery is done on just one eye at a time.

Get Someone Else to Drive

Although cataract surgery does not require an overnight hospital stay, the patient should not drive for a few days after the procedure is done. Not only will the vision be compromised but the effects of anesthesia can be greatly disorientating. People may become dizzy, disorientated or incredibly nauseated. Take a taxi or get a friend to drive. If possible, stock up on supplies before the surgery so there is no need to go shopping.

Be Careful Lifting or Bending

Avoid lifting anything over a few pounds or bending over. Such activities cause pressure changes in the eye. A sudden heave of a heavy object like a bag of kitty litter could cause damage to the eye that has been operated on.

Wear The Patch

An eye-patch is a great help in helping patients recover from cataract surgery. The eye may become hypersensitive to light and color. Keep it on as the surgeon orders. After a few days, light and color should return to normal levels.

Take the Drops

It is very important to take any eyedrops prescribed by the surgeon. The drops will help the eye to heal. They also help keep pressure stable in the eye (but still refrain from bending over or lifting anything heavy) and to keep down swelling. If unsure about how to administer drops, ask for help before leaving. The staff at a good place like Vision Eyeland Super Optical, LLC will help answer any questions.

By following the surgeon’s orders and taking it easy, aftercare for cataract surgery should be minimal.

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