Advantages of Working With Aluminum 2024 and Its Applications

Aluminum, like steel, is one of the most readily available and frequently used metals in the world for commercial applications. It is used for everything from commercial aircraft manufacturing to numerous types of consumer products. Of all of the aluminum alloys available, 2024 alloy is the most common. It has excellent fatigue resistance and great strength. As a result, it is used extensively for various structural aerospace applications. This alloy is perfect when you need a metal that possesses an optimal strength-to-weight ratio.

2024 Aluminum Properties
Alcoa developed 2024 alloy in 1931. It is the perfect aluminum alloy for use in aircraft applications because of its characteristics and properties. The alloy basically took the place of 2017-T4 as the alloy preferred for important aspects of aircraft design.

The advantageous properties of 2024 aluminum alloy include strength, stiffness, and stress corrosion cracking resistance. It also provides superb resistance to shearing and can function under extreme temperatures. It does possess the limitation of having a lower atmospheric corrosion resistance when located close to the sea. However this problem may be addressed effectively with alcladding.

Benefits of 2024 Aluminum
The alloying component in 2024 aluminum is copper. This makes it particularly resistance to fatigue and gives it considerable strength. This is highly capable of withstanding extreme levels of stress and strain for lengthy periods of time. It possesses a high yield strength near 50,000 psi. These characteristics make it a highly suitable aluminum alloy for marine and aircraft components and fittings, hardware, structures, transportation parts such as wheels for trucks, and more in which fatigue resistances very important. In some commercial aircraft and military applications in engine areas where the temperature rises to extreme levels, 2024 sheet is highly ideal.

It is a highly machine and will that can be spot, flash, or seam welded. Its heat treatable and workability properties are also favorable. As a frequently extruded aluminum alloy, it is provided in plate and sheet form

2024 Aluminum in the Aircraft Industry
Various structural applications in the aircraft industry make use of 2024 aluminum, including those involving wing tension members, hydraulic manifolds, fuselages, wing skins, and rips. This alloy is also used extensively for aircraft engine components. For both commercial and military aircraft, Alcad forms of this aluminum alloy can benefit fuselage skins.

If you need 2024 aluminum or another type of aluminum alloy for your application, contact a reliable aluminum supplier today to learn about your options.

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