Advantages Of A CNC Laser Cutter

by | Oct 20, 2016 | Metal Fabrication

Today’s manufacturing concerns are smaller. The time of large singular physical American companies is over. Instead, multi-national corporations and small companies are more common. They are businesses with fewer employees. This is true in the fabrication industry in places such as Cleveland where some companies have fewer than 20 employees. They still produce prodigious items. They can accomplish this with the help of technology including the CNC laser cutter.

Advantages of CNC Laser Cutting in Fabrication

For over 20 years, laser cutting has become common in the metal fabrication industry. They employ it for many reasons. The laser cutting process offers several advantages over other methods. The popularity of using a laser cutter includes the capability to create almost any shape possible. When coupled with CNC, the benefits are related to the various characteristics of both laser and CNC technology. They indicate the benefits derived.

* Versatility: The method is ideal for ideal for cutting sheet metal. It does not matter whether it is aluminum alloy, stainless steel, steel or titanium
* Time Saving: The set up time is minimal as is the engineering time.
Tooling: No hard tooling
* Consistency: A CNC laser cutter produces impressive consistency from one part to the next
* Preciseness and Accuracy: Laser cutting can produce very precise sheet metal parts. This accuracy can reduce the time and money spent on material wasted through a bad batch
* Clean Cuts: By using laser cutters, an operator can produce components that feature clean cuts. They are virtually free from burrs
* Speed: The speed lies in the quicker production from faster turn arounds
* Operation: The machinery requires little set up and minimal operator intervention
* Financial: The qualities of speed, accuracy and accurate replication can reduce the overall costs characteristic of other methods of cutting

CNC cutting technology is ideal for many different applications in fabricating metal components. From the creation of prototypes to the manufacture of components requiring tight tolerances, CNC cutting technology does provide shops with several benefits.

CNC Laser Cutter

CNC Laser cutting tools allow a company the ability to receive and fill a same-day order. This increases the production capability of a fabrication shop while not decreasing its quality of work. Overall, installing a CNC laser cutter can reduce a project’s workload while increasing the capability to take on more work. This improves the ability of even a small fabrication shop in Cleveland to thrive in the current economic environment.

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