Above Ground Pool Services in Connecticut Include De-winterization

by | Mar 6, 2017 | Swimming Pool

Opening your pool for the season can be as easy as removing the pool’s cover and winter plugs, installing the pump and filter plugs, and chlorinating the water in the pool. However, some pools that are covered with mesh can get rather dirty. Therefore, the water needs special cleaning and vacuuming in order to make it clear.

Scheduling Service: What You Should Know

However, when scheduling above ground pool services in Connecticut, cleaning and vacuuming usually are not included in the listed services and must be scheduled separately. Most services of this type are directed to commercial and residential tools that feature UV sanitation systems and chlorine generators. These pools also feature various filtration systems.

De-winterizing the Pump and Filter

When above ground pool services are offered, tasks include removing and folding the cover as well as de-winterizing the pump and filter before hooking them up. Services also include installing a skimmer basket. Servicing features super shocking the pool as well.

Extra Cleaning Requirements Cost Pool Owners More

However, above ground pool services do not usually include pumping off the cover and removing a large amount leaves. If this is needed, customers normally have to pay more. Fortunately, because most above ground pools have solid covers, this extra service is usually not necessary. Again, vacuuming the pool is an additional service. If an above ground pool requires vacuuming, the job usually can be done in 30 minutes.

Ensuring Your Pool’s Cleanliness and Appeal

Check us out for further information about above ground pool maintenance. Normally, an above ground pool can be kept clean and ready for swimming with a minimal amount of effort. While no pool is considered maintenance-free, most pools can be serviced without difficulty each week. So, if you own an above ground pool, it is a good idea to install a main drain as well to keep the chemicals regularly balanced.

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