A Simple Guide To The 2017 Solar Eclipse

by | Mar 25, 2016 | Shopping

2017 is going to be a very exciting year for people throughout much of the United States and around the world. This is the year that on August 21 there the 2017 solar eclipse will be seen by people from the east to west coast and throughout the central part of the country.

The Path

There will be a central path of the 2017 solar eclipse that will originate in Oregon, and specifically over Newport, Oregon, and then travel in a slightly diagonal downward and to the right pattern across the United States.

The eclipse will pass over South Carolina, and specifically the Greenville – Spartanburg area, where there will be approximately 2 minutes and fourteen seconds of complete shadow before it continues on to the last sighting place in the USA which will be Charleston, at approximately 2:29 pm.

Of course, people will not need to be directly under the main path of the 2017 solar eclipse to see the effects. Most places in the continental US will experience a few seconds to minutes of a change in the sun’s light although where you are located will have a big impact.

What it Means

More than just a rare occurrence, the 2017 solar eclipse is unique in that it allows people all over the country to actually see the movement of the solar system. For the total eclipse to occur the earth, moon and the sun have to be perfectly aligned, and seeing the movement of the moon across the sun, and then seeing the sun’s corona in all its dazzling brilliance, is really a very memorable event.

Then, after a minute or two directly within the path of the eclipse, the sun will begin to emerge. It may take a second, but you will realize that this is how the solar system is always in movement; it is just as humans we cannot see or experience the movement except in these rare occurrences.

Safety Issues

To prepare for the 2017 solar eclipse make sure you have quality solar eclipse glasses for the entire family. Looking at the sun’s corona during the eclipse, even for a brief glance, can cause damage to the eyes resulting in temporary vision impairment, which is why glasses are so important.

Ensuring you have your 2017 solar eclipse glasses on hand, and talking to children about the importance of using the glasses throughout the eclipse, will allow you to share this amazing natural phenomenon together.

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