A Pet Radiology Scan in Blackwood is Often the First Test That a Veterinarian Chooses

by | Aug 9, 2013 | Animal Hospitals

Our pets are part of the family. When they become ill, it’s just like having a sick child around. We want to keep them comfortable and take care of their needs to make them well. When a situation arises for a pet to undergo specialized tests to determine what’s wrong, an X-ray is often the first thing that a veterinarian chooses. An X-ray can give a clear image of the situation inside, plus it’s non-invasive. By having a Pet Radiology Scan Blackwood done, what’s going on inside of your pet can easily be seen, so that appropriate measures can be taken to alleviate the problem.

Having a Pet Radiology Scan done can minimize added stress for a sick or injured pet. Pain and illness can increase stress in an animal, and visiting a veterinarian during this time can add to that. A pet may become anxious and even fearful when they don’t feel right, so being able to look at all possibilities thoroughly, and in the least of amount of time, can help the animal to stay calm. An X-ray is fast and painless, and it can give vital information that the vet may need to make an accurate diagnosis. A clear image can provide the information for a vet to decide if the issue at hand requires surgery, or if there is no immediate danger.

By having an X-ray taken, a broken bone, a tumor, or an object that was ingested, will clearly show up on the screen. Dogs, in particular, like to chew on things that they shouldn’t and often swallow objects and items that can hurt them. Once the object can be seen in an X-ray, a determination can be made by a veterinarian as to whether surgery is needed to remove it, or if it can pass safely on its own.

If an animal has been hit by a car, fallen or suffered an injury, a Pet Radiology Scan Blackwood can give an immediate picture to assess the damage. Being able to quickly view the internal organs and bones can speed up care during an emergency. As soon as the pictures have been taken, a radiologist will read the X-rays, so that the veterinarian will have the best understanding of what he is dealing with. This information can be critical in a life-threatening situation.

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