A Closer Look at CNC Swiss Turning

CNC machining has revolutionized many parts of industry today. Thanks to CNC machines, businesses have access to cheaper parts and more accurate tolerances than ever before. However, a special kind of computerized machining called cnc swiss turning provides many important advantages to business today. Let’s take a closer look at the process and explore the many benefits it provides.

What is Swiss Turning?

A Swiss machine is similar a conventional lathe but has striking differences. Standard lathes have headstocks which are fixed in one place. The work piece is held by a chuck and a cutting tool is held against the piece as it rotates. A Swiss machine has a headstock which moves and the work piece extends through a guide bushing. As the headstock moves the shapes are created. These machines can contain many parts and one piece of equipment can perform a wide range of operations.

Here is an example of what a Swiss lathe can do. A round shaped piece of metal is extended out and is ground into a smaller shape. Another part may come forth and drill a hole in the end of the part.

Next, other pieces of the CNC Swiss turning machine may cut grooves into the piece and it also can be threaded on the end. Holes can be bored on the sides. Flat places can be created on the work piece and the machine can even inscribe a logo or trademark. As the piece is finished it is removed to another section of the machine and a new and identical piece is started. This is a very efficient and highly technical operation with the ability to turn out the most complex and detailed parts one after another.

Benefits of Swiss Machines

One of the most important benefits is the increased speed in which you can turn out complex parts. Plus, it is possible to have as many as twenty tools in one machine so the possibilities are almost unlimited on the things you can accomplish and create.

Many parts can be created without grinding. Due to the nature of the process, one cut can remove a great deal of material. In fact, it is possible to cut away a large portion with a single cut.

If you changeover to Swiss methods, you may be able to eliminate some of your current CNC equipment. Your new CNC Swiss turning machine may make many other machines obsolete, and you can free up a great deal of space in your facility. You also may need to reduce your workforce and this can make your company more efficient and profitable.

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