A Child Custody Law Attorney in St. Charles, MO Will Help You Through This Difficult Time

by | Feb 5, 2018 | Attorney

If parents are divorcing, their divorce decree will state who the children will live with and when the other parent will be able to visit their child. Parents can work out their own parenting arrangement among themselves with the help of a mediator or their attorneys. Unmarried parents will also make their own custody arrangement if they agree or they can use mediators or attorneys.

When parents are unable to agree to a custodial arrangement that is in the child’s interests, a court will have to intervene and make the decision for them. Trying to negotiate child custody arrangements can be emotionally upsetting, and a child custody law attorney in St. Charles, MO will help a parent through this process. They will keep them focused with the legal knowledge they need to make a good decision.

Physical and Legal Custody

Physical custody is awarded to one parent, but both parents usually share legal custody. When parents have shared legal custody, both of them will have the ability to make decisions about their education, religion, health care, and any other important decisions that affect the child’s life.

Joint Custody

Joint custody lessens the feeling a parent gets when they don’t get to see their child on a regular basis. Joint custody requires both parents to cooperate with each other and demonstrate the ability to make decisions on the interests of their child. If parents cannot cooperate, one of them will usually be the home base of the child, and the other parent will have liberal visitation.

Split Custody

A less favored arrangement for children is split custody. In split custody, one parent will have custody of one child, and the other parent will have custody of the other. Courts usually don’t like to split siblings between parents when they issue a custody order.

A child custody law attorney in St. Charles, MO should be hired to help with a custody decision. They will help you negotiate an arrangement that will be fair to both parents and in the interests of the children. Feel free to visit our website and find out more about the help an attorney can offer.

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